The Verde River Hot Springs is the remains of an extensive hot-spring resort, with several pools still available for bathing. Verde Hot Spring was at one time a thriving resort complete with hotel and several baths. Today, all that remains is the foundation for the resort, one main pool, and several more in the cliffside. The main pool is located on the foundation of the resort, overlooking the Verde River. 

The water in the main pool is about 98 degrees F and there is enough room for several people. The pool is also quite deep, allowing for bathing without having to crouch down as with many other springs. There is a small concrete-block room with a pool of water inside. There are also pools of hot-spring water in the cliffside, where small caves have been cut. These pools are not the best for bathing and can be difficult to get into.  Also, there are occasionally small, rock-lined pools along the river where the hot-spring water enters. 

This is a fantastic location with the scenic Verde River in the foreground and mountain views beyond. This location can be hot, but the cool river is a welcome relief. Because this is such a fantastic place and because it is relatively easy to reach, it is popular. For decades Verde Hot Spring was, and in some cases remains, a favorite hangout for nudists. Do not be surprised to find people going without clothing here. Once a bustling resort complete with access road and bridge, the hot spring now is in a rather primitive setting and requires a hike of 1 mile to reach. 

Some things to keep in mind if you decide to visit: there are no facilities so bring plenty of water and whatever food you will need. A pair of water sandals will come in handy for crossing the river.


Take Fossil Creek Road west about 11.8 miles (take your time on this steep, windy road when it turns to dirt and come back alive). Turn left on Forest Service Road 502 and proceed 5.8 miles to the Childs Power Plant Campground. Depending on the time of year you may need a high clearance vehicle (pickup/SUV) to drive the last ¼ mile. 

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