Diamond Point is closed to digging by the Forest Service. Digging of any kind or breaking rocks is prohibited. Punishable by a $500 fine and/or six months in jail. 

"Shallow digging" is permitted ONLY from October-February, and surface collection is always allowed.  The best time to find crystals is after rain, and on a sunny day.

For further information, please contact the Forest Service at 928-474-7900.

Clear quartz crystals, many of them doubly terminated and resembling New York Herkimer diamonds are to be found at Diamond Point. Easiest pickings are to be had after heavy rains have exposed previously hidden crystals. Pockets of crystals, which can be productively worked by digging, are also to be found toward a fence overlooking a cliff. Look for signs of excavations by previously visiting rock hounds to help locate this area.



To reach Diamond Point go northeast from Payson on Highway 260 (Star Valley Road) for about 14 miles. Turn west on Forest Road 64 before reaching Kohls Ranch. Follow Forest Road 64 west for 4 miles; then turn south on Forest Road 65 and follow it for about 3.7 miles before pulling off the road and parking.

Another site, near Diamond Point, is a good place for collecting geodes which are found just lying about on the surface. The sizes of the specimens vary from .25" to 10" in diameter. A bubbly tan is the most common exterior appearance. Geodes with darker brown to black exteriors are also found here. Blue and white agate can also be collected at this site.

To get to this geode site, go west 8 miles on Forest Road 64 from the intersection of Forest Roads 64 and 65 (3.7 miles from Diamond Point). When you've traveled 8 miles, stop and check out the ravines, hillsides and eroded areas on both sides of Forest Road 64. If you reach the bridge over a creek on Forest Road 64 you've gone a mile too far west of the main deposit. 

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Diamond Point Crystals